Yeast Really Does Permeate

I love to bake, but I seldom have to buy yeast. For years, I have made white bread, wheat bread, biscuits, pancakes, cakes, cinnamon rolls, pizza dough and other variations of breads from two different sourdough starters that I obtained years ago. One I have had for over thirty years, the other for over twenty kefir grains.

Although I have recipes for and a mix for sourdough starter, I have never made one up. I have kept mine around for so long that if my friends and family run out or let theirs go bad, they always know they can come back to me for another one.

I didn’t make the starters, but someone had to. The recipe I have for what some people call Herman or a starter for Amish friendship bread calls for flour, water and yeast. To keep it alive, you must add milk, flour and sugar. The other starter I have is maintained with potato flakes, sugar and water, but at some point in the past the starter was made with yeast.

I have often thought of the lasting quality of the yeast that began this somewhat magical process. As long as I continue to feed these sourdough starters every week or so, they will probably last as long as I do. The yeast that helped birth these products still permeates the dough that I mix up so that I can continue to enjoy baking with them. That is amazing to me.

Just as amazing, or really more so, is the realization that the kingdom of heaven will never be destroyed. I know that is true because God created it for His glory and for our enjoyment. What He did so long ago will last forever. His presence permeates all creation. He invites us to join Him in His kingdom by accepting His gift of grace through His Son, Jesus Christ.

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